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Jewelries to adorn your body with fashionable. Available in a myriad of colors and designs.

Jewelry made from wood and shell. Natures best. Purely handmade


Jewelry Brooches made from the finest shells product and naturally handmade.



Jewelry quality handcrafted products from horns, bones and graduated stones.


Iron collection - design to various different colors see them all for the taking. Nugget with the combination of heishe,white rose and pukalet. Also available in any colors and combination.

Heishe - these necklaces and some components are made of SHELL in the form of Heishe cut. All purely handcrafted and comes from the finest natural shell materials. It may also comes from different colors and variations as wish and preffered by customers.

Puka -

Coco Heishe - These necklaces and components are made of COCO in the form of heishe cut. All purely handmade and come from the finest natural coco materials. It may also comes from different colors as wish and preferred by customers.

Cord/Resine - Chokers with feather pendants. Available with various pendants designs and colors.

Classic - the old necklace products



Jewelries feather fashion earrings with various colors and designs.

Jewelries with various designs. Items that really captures styles.

These necklaces and components are made of COCO in the form of heishe cut. All purely handmade and come from the finest natural coco materials. It may also comes from different colors as wish and preferred by customers.



Shell Pendant Necklace - These lovely necklaces features the sparkle and gradient of natural shell pendant. The Pendants are natural and handcrafted which makes it unique. Complemented with coco, shell, wood and beads neckline. A perfect present that she'll surely love.

Assorted shell Necklace - All natural materials are purely comes from the finest sea shell. Also available in different colors, shape and design depending on customer's preference.



Crazy Coco Collection, all handmade Coco Pukalet or Coconut Beads Pony Tails in various designs and color combinations. Choose from wide array of natural colors and hand painted coco pukalet. Excellent in all types of hair styles and colors. Go LOCO over COCO!


Polished Shells - Discover popular shells like MOP, Blacklip, Brownlip, Hammer, and many more exciting shells in different designs and variations. Handcrafted in the Philippines. Excellent for pendants, pins and brooches.



Presents information about furniture and interior decorations and ornaments. Examples of table decorations, provides images and descriptions on each products.

The art of interior design encompasses all of the fixed and movable ornamental objects that form an integral part of the inside of any human habitation. It is essential to remember that much of what decorations has established.



Exquisite furnitures any of the tall, treelike grasses comprising the subfamily Bambusoideae of the family Poaceae. More than 75 genera and 1,000 species of bamboos have been proposed in botanical literature.


any of various woody climbing plants with pliant, tough stems, particularly Berchemia scandens, of the buckthorn family (Rhamnaceae), also known as rattan vine. Furniture available from chairs, tables, sofas and dining sets.


Any of various minerals highly prized for beauty, durability, and rarity. A few noncrystalline materials of organic origin (e.g., pearl, red coral, and amber) also are classified as gemstones.



One of the two forms in which iron is obtained by smelting; the other is cast iron. Wrought iron is a soft, ductile, fibrous variety that is produced from a semi fused mass of relatively pure iron.


Raw Shells

Concretion formed by a mollusk consisting of the same material (called nacre, or mother-of-pearl) as the mollusk's shell. It is a highly valued gemstone. Pearls are characterized by their translucence and lustre and by a delicate play of surface color called orient. The more perfect its shape (spherical or drop like) and the deeper its lustre, the greater its value. Only those pearls produced by mollusks whose shells are lined with mother-of-pearl (e.g., certain species of both saltwater oysters and freshwater clams) are really fine pearls; pearls from other mollusks are reddish or whitish, porcellaneous, or lacking in pearly lustre. Jewelers commonly refer to saltwater pearls as Oriental pearls and to those produced by freshwater mollusks as freshwater pearls.
Natural but cultivated pearl produced by a mollusk after the intentional introduction of a foreign object inside the creature's shell. The discovery that such pearls could be cultivated in freshwater mussels is said to have been made in 13th-century China, and the Chinese have been adept for hundreds of years at cultivating pearls by opening the mussel's shell and inserting into it small pellets of mud or tiny bosses of wood, bone, or metal and returning the mussel to its bed for about three years to await the maturation of a pearl formation.
All natural materials are comes from MOP SHELL that perfectly cut in the form of chips. It may also comes from a variety of designs and shapes depending on customers choice and preference. Its diameter is 25mm and can be available in any different shapes and sizes.
Practice of finding and usually identifying the shells of mollusks, a popular avocation, or hobby, in many parts of the world. These shells, because of their bright colours, rich variety of shapes and designs, and abundance along seashores, have long been used for ornaments, tools, and coins.
All natural materials are purely comes from SIGAY SHELL that perfectly cut to match the latest fashion craze. It may also comes from a variety of cuts, designs, combination depending on customers choice and preference.

Any member of the phylum Brachiopoda, a group of bottom-dwelling marine invertebrates. They are covered by two valves, or shells; one valve covers the dorsal, or top, side.

One of the hottest item nowadays specially in both residential and commercial industries. The tile is made of precious shells, intentionally made to give an accent with a combination of marble and shell on floors, walls, kitchens, or even in your bathroom covered with beautiful shell tile.
Purely hand crafted materials inlayed with shell are very much available and affordable in any shapes, designs and color. It can be in a form of fashion items such as pen holder, hairpins, bracelets, bangles, brooche, picture frames keychain and also for decorative items. We also accepts customers designs at a very low rate.

Presenting Jumbo Pacific's Best Selling Raw Shells. Consist of Mother of Pearls, Brownlip, Blacklip, Hammer, Paua and Limpit shells. Distinctively characterized by the color, these exquisite shells made a great waves for today’s fashion trends. Truly a natures beauty.

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Gift Items

Candle Holder made of Capiz Shells - The floors of the expansive Pacific Ocean are seeded with millions of these beautiful, iridescent, naturally transparent shells famously known as capiz. Found only in the Philippine waters, cutted them to shape and were made into magnificent chips which used in our candle holder. The splendid combination of brass and capiz in our candle holder made it exquisite in style. Other colorful shells also available.


Shell Wallet or Coin Purses are purely handcrafted and handmade from the finest shells. Gifts for increasing the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. What a thrill it has been to offer this exciting collection of shell accessories. It is available in different kinds and designs. Get exactly what you want!

Series of links, usually of metal, joined together to form a flexible connector for various purposes. Key chains are perfect for brides’ maids, college graduates, and corporate gifts. These key chains comes in a variety of styles made of wood inlay. Personalize any of these key chains.

Jumbo Pacific's Jewelry Box collection was made from the high quality materials known from nature. All jewelry boxes beautifully hand-made from the world-class shell crafters. Proudly made in the Philippines.

Made from the finest materials and purely hand crafted. Whatever your fantasy...a sailboat, your fantasy car ... YOU can do it in miniature!

All different hand crafted materials inlayed with Shell are very much available and affordable in any shapes, designs and color. It can be in a form of fashion items such as hairpins, bracelets, bangles, brooche, picture frames keychain, resin, miniatures, pill box, jewelry box, buttons, coin purses, pendants and also for decorative items. We also accepts customers designs at a very low rate. It is purely handmade & handcrafted by the finest shell inlay maker here in the Philippines.

Here is an assortment of pill boxes to help you organize your medication and supplement schedule. Containers and Measures : Pill Box - fits easily into pocket or purse...
Abacca - Is 100% naturally obtained from Philippine Banana plants (mainly found in the Visayas), where there are rain forests and highly humid atmospheric conditions. Fibers are removed and stripped then spun into rough of threads from the banana stalk. Most popular fine-weave fiber which are commonly used in making hats, twines, ropes, bags, clothing, baskets, boxes, ribbons, table placemats, runners, ribbons, braids, wrappers, paper-based materials and many more. The fibers became finer and whiter in color which is suitable for clothing and other related products. Then fibers are colored and purely hand woven into rolls of beautiful, natural and environment friendly cloth.
Jumbo Pacific's novelties mobile PHONE CRADLE acccessories, cradles with various color leatheretes. Cradle secures any cellular phone snugly in place. Hold Your Phone And Charge Your Battery With Ease! Conveniently position your phone safely within reach, while charging your battery!


The art and craft of making interwoven objects, usually containers, from flexible vegetable fibres, such as twigs, grasses, osiers, bamboo, and rushes. The containers made by this method are called basketry.
Meal components are commonly assembled on trays made of aluminum foil, paperboard, plastic, or ceramic. Jumbo Pacific brings you a hand woven trays which is made of beadwork bamboo.

Put some native touch on your fashion with these top quality footwear from JUMBO Pacific Incorporated. These sandals and slippers are made from all natural fiber like sinamay, jute, pandan and raffia, leather, some with shells and with extra durable rubber sole.


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